Your partner in solving defaulted trade and bank debt

East-West Debt makes use of a variety of solutions in order to recover as much as possible of outstanding overdue trade or bank debt for our clients.
To solve overdue trade or bank debt, East-West Debt implements, if possible, the following solutions:

  • Debt equity swaps
  • Debt for counter-trade
  • Debt for debt swaps
  • Debt collection by usage of local contacts
  • International litigation

Our local network of agents inform us which kind of schemes – such as debt equity swaps, debt for counter-trade and others – are possible to be implemented in several countries. They also arrange local permissions at the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance of the country of interest, after which those schemes are implemented together with East-West Debt.

Occasionally East-West Debt deals with debt-for-debt swapping. Reasons for swapping can be to diversify the risk or to be able to solve certain overdue debt.

In case an overdue trade or bank debt can not be solved by usage of certain schemes or local contacts, East-West Debt uses its expertise in international litigation.
East-West Debt is often able to solve overdue debt in a legal manner by way of its international knowledge of different legal law systems, network of lawyers and knowledge of assets of the debtors. East-West Debt co-ordinates various legal actions at the same time in several countries for the benefit of its clients.
In case when East-West Debt will use international litigation, we will continuously try to come to an amicable settlement with the debtor in the interest of our clients.

All solutions implemented by East-West Debt are based on a “no cure, no pay” basis to maximize both our effectiveness and clients comfort.

All information submitted by our clients is handled with care and confidentiality.

For more information about our solutions please do not hesitate to contact us.
East-West Debt experts permanently follow economic facts concerning all countries of interest in order to guarantee you the best possible solutions which exist in the market. Political and international events influence the shape of our activities and we need to be up to date with recent developments.
Recently published East-West Debt newsletters include:

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